Born in 2004, as the union of two different companies:

PROXIMA, on activity since 1989, whose target was to make interventions in different kind of clients problems and needing, beginning with management field and ending with production control and logistics.

COSMOS TRAFFIC TECHNOLOGY, on activity since 1998, having as target the activities development in traffic field, varying from the engineering to the development of toll systems, passing on maintenance of same systems.

The confluence of COSMOS in PROXIMA gave origin to COSPRO, who got as heritage all knowledge and skills in all of these different fields and enlarging its competence.

It works on the whole Italian territory, but has in its portfolio also different European Clients; furthermore, some special machinery equipped with software developed by COSPRO have delivered all around the world.

The typical COSPRO intervention starts at the origin of the project, as consultant in pre-analysis phase, and can end with the development of the project and with the training of the final users.

COSPRO team is a dynamic one, where can find a place informatics knowledge, experience in traffic technologies and in industrial software development, at all its levels. All these features allow to COSPRO team to have good relations with customers and to be ready to understand their needing.