The most convenient way to increase the efficiency of an outdated warehouse

Why change it if you can Revamp it

The average life of an automatic warehouse can be considered satisfactory over a period of approximately 20 years. The continuous updating of electrical/electronic component technologies involves, over time, ever greater difficulties in keeping reliable a plant based on a still efficient mechanical part, but with growing problems in procuring spare parts related to motorizations, drives, PLCs (if not even proprietary control boards) that have become obsolete by now.
Revamping was born with the aim of extending the life of a warehouse, in COSPRO we deal with revamping of Vertical, Rotating, Traslo, Bars holder, Metal sheet holder warehouses. Furthermore, whatever your company ERP, we will be able to create interaction with the automatic warehouse to access the benefits of the Smart factory.

Timing of a revamping intervention

Thanks to our experience we can guarantee revamping interventions with very little downtime.

Revamping and after sales assistance

After the revamping operation, our after-sales assistance service will be able to deal with any request from the customer competently and quickly. We offer telephone assistance and direct remote connection to your diagnostic and monitoring system, up to on-site intervention. Through a preventive maintenance program we check the functioning of the machines, both during the warranty phase and afterwards. Many companies have already relied on COSPRO for the revamping of their automatic warehouse. Contact us to know our references and get more details.