Access Control and Gates

License plate detection software

Security just a click away

The License Plate Control software manages and archives the license plates detected by the camera with the related images

If you have always thought that access control is something reserved for large cities with large infrastructures, you were wrong, COSPRO has made it easy and available to everyone, LICENSE PLATE CONTROL is the simple and effective solution to scan license plates and discover irregularities such as stolen cars , seized or included in the police black list, vehicles circulating without insurance coverage and inspection.

We provide you with everything you need and you take care of the installation, or we take care of everything. If, on the other hand, you already have a license plate reading infrastructure but not the right software to enhance it, LICENSE PLATE CONTROL is the one for you.

The software is completely developed by COSPRO and for this reason it can be customized according to specific needs and requests, and interfaced with other predisposed software (such as CONCILIA)

License Plate Control Web App

Thanks to WEB APP PLATE CONTROL your mobile device – smartphone or tablet – becomes an extension of the system for practical use during road patrols.

Through the camera of the device, each photographed plate is loaded into the central database and checked.

You will have everything at your fingertips!

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